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Mustafa Hariri, Master of Architecture, born in 1987 in Tehran, is an architect, designer and builder of construction projects. His career began in 2002 in a construction project for the Bahman Hospital in Tehran. After the completion of the hospital project, He supervised and implemented several projects including cultural, educational, commercial and residential centers. and currently has a team consisting of the best engineers and executive technicians in the field of construction, it is still expanding the collection by establishing offices in the Middle East countries and implementing construction projects, its main goal is to improve the quality of human life by maintaining and Respect for nature has been his slogan (Beauty is formed in the function of space. The function that has been formed during thousands of years of human life, so we respect it) The biggest inspiration in his design is nature and its details...

Hariri Architecture Studio Team

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Mostafa Hariri
CEO .Architect . Master of Architecture. Start of activity: since 2002
Mahshid Barati
supervisor of Interior designer department . Master of Architecture. (Tehran University)Rank two in the entrance exam Start of activity: since 2015
ٍEhsan Khorshidi
Supervisor of the Constraction and mapping department Mapping expert Start of activity: since 2017