Hariri Architecture Group

Hariri Architecture Group started its activity in 2002, all the efforts of our group in these years have been to increase the quality of design and construction according to the modern technology of the world and changing the quality of life.

Our team's expertise is designing and implementing construction projects according to different uses and location of the building. This collection includes four specialized departments. Department number one: consulting and designing architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical plans, taking into account urban planning criteria and space performance. Department number two: It is the project implementation department, in this department, trained and experienced contractor teams are used to implement the building. Department number three: It is a specialized department of interior architecture. In this department, according to the use of the collection and the opinion of the main architect, the interior design project of the spaces is done. Department number four: It is the commercial department, in this department, according to the needs of the project, the required materials are prepared. The attitude of our group is: Beauty is formed in the function of space, a function that has been formed during thousands of years of human life and we respect it.


Some of the images of the design and construction projects of Hariri Architecture Group are displayed in this section.